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Hi, I’m Long.

More than a year ago, I had an idea about a marketplace that would cater to the legal industry. Heck, I even got some press about it here, here and here. (Thanks!)


Lawyers, especially those in solo and small firms, have so many tasks that could be delegated, if only those … delagatees (google it!) were widely available.

Who would serve?

Coverage attorneys, bookkeepers, court runners, notaries, professional organizers, mobile dry cleaners, cell phone battery charging experts…you name it. I thought it’d be cute to call them “heroes”.

What is taking so long? Is it done yet?

Actually, development began last year and is now complete*. It’s actually been done for several months, but I have a practice, a family and no time to really market it. I’m not a funded startup with a pool table and four thousand dollar massage chairs. This is NOT to say I don’t care about it. I do! But I was frankly worried about not launching the “right” way.

These things take lots of effort to get off the ground. Attracting a community of heroes to a marketplace that has very little initial activity is not easy. Cart/horse, chicken/egg.

Oh and this page you’re reading is supposed to be much more polished but I didn’t see the point of holding off on the app much longer.

So… I’m putting it out there for the “world” to see.

This idea may very well fizzle out and die, but I don’t want to look back and think I didn’t give it the old college try. I put a lot of time into making it as simple as possible but I’m sure it needs lots of improvement. It is mobile responsive so give it a go on your phone or tablet if you like. Comments and suggestions are welcome at @dockethero Twitter_logo_blue

I hope you enjoy it.

Enter DocketHero

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Fine print (read it):

Transaction fee applicable: Until further notice, DocketHero charges the member/service providers $1.00 USD for each transaction placed through the site. (We tried to make it free, but PayPal integration wouldn’t allow it.) All other fees incurred by using PayPal are determined and set by PayPal itself depending on your funding source. When you purchase services from another DocketHero member (a service provider), you will be paying them upfront. The service provider will subsequently be charged the transaction of $1.00 USD, which shall be sent to DocketHero.

Terms of Use: This is a beta version of DocketHero. Heck, some would call it an alpha. Neither DocketHero.com nor its agents are responsible for any transactions or communications that occur through this site. If you have any concerns about with whom you are transacting, you should call them, Google them and otherwise fact-check. Be smart about who you are dealing with and what type of transactions you are purchasing. If in doubt, don’t engage. We (I) don’t have the resources to police transactions. Disputes will be handled via PayPal with our cooperation, limited only to compliance with PayPal should they need any data from the DocketHero application.